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Can Stress Affect the Health of My Smile?

August 10, 2019

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Woman stressed rubbing eyes

Did you know that today, more Americans are stressed than ever before? In fact, according to, 44% of the US population feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago, with 20% experiencing extreme stress. This issue can cause many side effects that you may already be aware of like low energy, lack of sleep, and headaches, but did you know it can have an impact on your smile as well? Keep reading to learn how stress can negatively affect your teeth from an expert dentist in Memorial Houston.


4 Benefits of Getting Porcelain Veneers in Memorial, Houston

July 8, 2019

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person who has porcelain veneers smilingWhen you look in the mirror, does your self-esteem plummet when you see your misaligned or severely discolored teeth? Porcelain veneers in Memorial, Houston are thin, durable shells that are custom-designed to fit over the visible portion of your teeth to conceal a variety of imperfections. Instead of letting your grin keep you from being confident at social outings, let it be your new favorite feature. Read on to learn four ways that veneers can benefit you. (more…)

Medicare Coverage for Dental Work? Your Dentist in Memorial Explains

June 10, 2019

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older man sitting in dentist chairWhile it’s important to receive consistent and effective dental care, there are steps that have to be taken prior. For patients who rely on Medicare, that means determining whether the care they need is covered. Therefore, a plan of action can be developed. As you read on, your dentist in Memorial weighs in to discuss the topic of dental coverage and to introduce an alternative way to pay for the procedures you need.


Your Dentist In Memorial Unveils The Connection Between Your Oral and Overall Health

May 30, 2019

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person smiling and sitting in dentist's chairDid you know that gum disease affects 1 in 2 American adults? Recent research has linked this bacterial infection to several additional illnesses and diseases. Your oral health may be more important than you initially realized. Knowing how your teeth and gum health can affect your overall wellbeing can help you reduce your risk of deadly illnesses such as strokes, heart disease, and oral cancer. Your dentist in Memorial lets you in on discoveries that link your mouth to the rest of your body. Read on to learn how to fortify your general health by taking care of your mouth. (more…)

The Right Dentist in 77079 for All Your Dental Care Needs!

May 2, 2019

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man smiling sitting in dentist chairProtecting and fortifying your oral health is a constant battle, and you need to have the right ally to join in the fight. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to work with a skilled and compassionate dentist in 77079. As you read on, you’ll learn about some of the intangibles that your new dentist should possess and the difference a comfortable atmosphere can make for enhancing your oral health!


Is Dr. Terrence O’Keefe the Right Dentist in Memorial for You and Your Family?

April 28, 2019

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dental checkup close up

Are you looking for a dentist in Memorial that’s worthy of your trust? Dr. Terrence O’Keefe and his team have been serving the 77079 area for many years. During that time, they’ve developed a strong reputation for providing skilled, patient-centered care. Their office provides emergency, preventative, cosmetic, and restorative forms of dentistry.


Why You Should See Your Dentist in Memorial for an Oral Cancer Screening

April 27, 2019

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oral cancer on red signApril is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. With that in mind, we’d like to recommend that all our blog readers see their dentist in Memorial for an oral cancer screening. Most cases of oral cancer can be treated successfully when caught early. The dangers of waiting are too great to risk.


Boost Your Confidence with Teeth Whitening in Memorial!

March 21, 2019

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woman smiling with perfectly white teethThere are several nuances that contribute to having an attractive smile. One of them is the color of your teeth. Therefore, if you have apparent stains or blemishes, you can be left feeling less confident, and you run the risk of having unfavorable interactions with the people you encounter. There is a remedy, though: teeth whitening in Memorial. Read on to learn how this simple cosmetic dental procedure yields big results!


Dealing with Bad Breath? Your Dentist in Memorial Says Fight Back!

March 9, 2019

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man with offensive fiery breath If you suffer from persistently-bad breath, then it can leave you feeling less confident and hesitant to interact with other people. While this can be a troubling problem to have, your dentist in Memorial says you don’t have to settle for living like this. Read on to learn about some of the causes of bad breath and discover what you can do to prevent it!


A Dentist in Memorial Explains What You Need to Know About Root Canals

February 14, 2019

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woman with tooth painRoot canals have acquired a dark and mostly undeserved reputation over the years. That’s a shame, because in reality a root canal is an effective way to save a tooth that might otherwise be lost. Root canals are not only gentler but more effective than ever before, leading to an overwhelming success rate. If you’re suffering from tooth pain and thinking of an extraction, then you may want to consider a root canal from a dentist in Memorial first.


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